Closing the Gap: Wage Equality in Wyoming

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Bringing Wyoming women closer to wage equality through education.

What is the Wage Gap?

The wage gap measures the inequality between the earnings of women and men.

Nationally, for every $1 men earn, women earn 79 cents. But in Wyoming, for every $1 men earn, women earn 39 cents. There's a 21 cent gap nationally, and a 31 cent gap in Wyoming.

Wage Gap Affects Nearly All Women

The earnings gap between women and men exists in every county, in every age group, and in 19 out of 23 occupation groups.  The wage gap impacts women of color even more.


In each county, for every $1 men earn, women earn …

County list with the wage gap for each county.

In 14 of 23 counties, the gap is wider than the state average. The gap is as much as 17¢ wider than the state average 27¢ wider than the US average.

Race & Ethnicity

When compared to all men, women in all races and ethnicities make less than 70% of what men earn.

Comparison of the wage gap between the US, Wyoming, and races and ethnicities in Wyoming: white, Asian, black, 2 or more races, American Indian and Hispanics.

Age Group

Though the wage gap for young women 18 – 29 years old is10¢, by the time women hit their 50s, the gap increases to nearly 40¢.

Comparison of the wage gap between women of different ages, compared to the US and Wyoming averages.



Though women actually earn more than men in some jobs, the gap persists in 19 of 23 occupation groups.

Occupations in Wyoming where the wage gap is the widest: production, installation, repair, and maintenance, legal, health care techs and construction.

Occupations in Wyoming with the narrowest wage gap

Education Helps Close the Gap

In Wyoming across all degrees, the wage gap narrows with increased levels of education.

Comparison of the wage gap between women, based on their educational attainment.